LOYOLA WBB Historic season featuring Stephanie Karcz

It’s a big sports arena out there and I am busy in it! I wanted to take a moment to share with people who love the live theater and how God has blessed me with amazing moments as a broadcaster. First, a nod to God for all the glorious moments at Loyola, a tiny Jesuit university located in Baltimore, MD. Thank you. I love the work and am grateful for it. The last four years have been epic.

Off the top of my head…MSoc going from worst to first in the Patriot League, Mickey Watson, Barry Sharifi, Brian Saramago to name just a few have been great to cover. My broadcast partner, Glenn Clark, is wonderful! WSoc and Hannah Hoefs this year! What an athlete. Amazing performances all season long from her. Getting to call the PL WSoc championships at the Naval Academy with Loyola in it! Thank you to Jimmy Johnson at the Patriot League office for the call up. Truly honored and blessed. The Army-Navy final in Annapolis? #mindblown I love how our service academies compete and respect each other. Thank you for your service. It is an honor every time I call one of your games and I make sure to mention that on the air.

Where to begin with WBB…Brady Seabolt is a total pro and a joy to be at his side on the call. His “Splashdown” call or “Gray from the Inner Harbor” makes me smile. Colleen Marshall was a baller. She had a will to win and by far the best clutch player I have seen on the court. Check her senior season…three appearances on SCTop10!! The buzzer beater to beat Navy was a thriller! Find it on my blog and watch it. Now, Stephanie Karcz is setting records left and right. Joe Logan knows how to recruit big time players. If you get a chance, lay your eyes on Stephanie Karcz this season. What she is doing is historic. 400 career steals? Only 27 others have achieved this in the history of WBB! She’s a 5’10” Guard who doesn’t look like she has a license to steal but currently sits at #1 in the USA with 103! She’s also #1 in steals per game with 6.2! She had a school record 12 steals vs Army on Saturday. That’s what the team averages per game. She did that by HERSELF. She leads in rebounds, assists, points per game…literally, I envision a cape on her back at times as she flies sky high (check that vertical leap…gotta be 30″ or higher) to own every rebound. Caped Karcz. Wonder Woman. Next home game is Saturday against undefeated and #1 Bucknell at 2pm. Bison beware.

Look at that focus! Get out of the way people!!

Jamie Watson

Sports broadcaster PxP, lover of the best live theater in the world - sports!