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I LOVE FOOTBALL, especially the NFL!  It was not lost on me that GALvanize was getting unprecedented access to an NFL Training Camp. Thank you Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy.  I am a forever fan.  Thank you, Laura Okmin, for years of dedication to your craft and a sterling reputation that enabled us to get on NFL sidelines.

We watched practice for an hour and then prepared for our interviews.  When the players came over it was GO time.  It all happened so fast.  I absolutely LOVED every second.  I learned that one must be very ready to change course as we did not know which 2 of the 5 players would come to us.  The J-Team (Jamie & my partner, Jamie) was on point!

I was happy to see the two Charger players who walked our way, Safety Jahleel Addae & RB Branden Oliver.  When I researched for these interviews, I went to their Twitter and Instagram.  When I asked the personal questions related to their social media, their faces lit up with smiles!  I learned that it might be wise to do that first and not at the end. (or at least try it)

The group interview with Head Coach Mike McCoy was intense!  Be sure to check out the GALvanize Instagram.  Thanks to GoPro for letting us use their cameras.  We got some really cool shots!

This experience taught me to trust my gut.  My gut said to ask the head coach about his thoughts on the Arizona Cardinals historic hiring of a woman the prior week.  I went for it and followed up with, “Would you consider hiring a woman on the Chargers staff?”  Being the seasoned pro that he is, Mike said, “I will hire anyone that will help us win.”  Good answer, Coach.  He has my respect.  Your daughter must be very proud of you.

Thank you for your generosity and hospitality, Chargers.

I am cheering for their success this season!

Updated to included shots from two interviews I did for GALvanize! Look at those smiling faces!

#43 RB Branden Oliver led the Chargers with 53 yards and 1 TD in the preseason opener!

#37 Safety Jahleel Addae led the defense with 5 solo tackles in the preseason opener.

Watch for these two guys to be impact players for the Chargers this 2015 season!


Jamie Watson

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