Washington Spirit vs Girondins de Bordeaux thoughts.

Let me say thank you first to Bridget Baker and her staff for the warm welcome! Bridget, Mason, Alex, Devon, Michael and Mike handled the pressure of a live event with grace. This was my first trip to The Plex and I was excited to see USWNT players Pugh and Lavelle. What struck me most was the speed of Irish Rose with the ball at her feet. She created space and beat defenders effortlessly. The Spirit led at halftime 1-0. The French side was a solid test and Claire Lavoge’s set piece goal was gorgeous! She was the best player on the field for the GdB team. Spirit HC Richie Burke was subbing players in the second half and the French side scored three times. Pro women’s soccer is alive and well!

I enjoyed interviewing Aussie players and recent W League Champions, Chloe Logarzo and Amy Harrison, after the game. They will make this team better and it will be exciting to see the Spirit evolve with them on the pitch.

Here is my favorite image I was able to capture. Enjoy!


Starting XI

Jamie Watson

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